To Love Songs

Dear Love Songs,


Why do you make us feel like we either need to live you, or that you are telling the stories of our lives?

Why do you make me cry when I listen to many of you, even though at times, it’s not related to my life at all but somehow you ignited the feelings within me that I felt so much for you?

Why can’t I write my own love songs? Is it because it has all been written?

I remember listening to love songs as a person who never knew what love is.

I now am listening to love songs as a person who have grown to be love herself.

So can I now be my own song?

A song that tells the story of a one true forever love?

A song that talks about how I wake up in the morning with thoughts that someone will wake up with smiles, not because she is thinking of me, but because she can feel all the love that I have for her?

A song that plans how the ideal future of building a home with the most amazing person I can ever find in my life?

A song that hums through a journey of ups and downs, of crash and burns, shouts and screams, of love and glory?

I don’t think I’ll ever sing my own love song. I could choke. I could choke because even with a love song that I can’t relate to, I am already crying – if it’s my love song, I can’t imagine the overwhelming emotions taking over me.

Maybe that’s why I can never write a love song.

So I wonder, how do people write you? How do you make sure that you’re hitting all the right notes, all the strategies, while being that one true food feeding the soul of those who loves love?

Please reply me with a song. One of your best love songs.

Yours Sincerely,

Abby Latif