To The Future

Dear Future,

I know it’s a bit too early to talk about you but I have been thinking about you lately. And even if you’re nowhere near, your arrival is inevitable.

Yes, certain, that’s what you are. And I am very certain about a lot of things when I think of you. And of course, while I rather call it strategising and ambition-ing than what others might deem as delusional or in its malay entirety, ‘berangan‘, I truly believe in what I want to have in my future.

You definitely got me excited recently. And I kind of feed from this excitement. I practice in my mind, what and how it will happen – everything that I have plotted in you.

I love the certain things that is part of it. Funnily the heart and head, for the first time feels like they have found an agreement on something and that’s when I felt like the certainties are fitting. I have been trying to avoid using the word ‘right’. What I thought right might be wrong and when I am right, I probably left something out. So ‘fitting’ is something that is just apt for the moment and circumstance.

The one that I have been thinking of have all that I ever wanted and I know when it happens, when the universe gifts it to me as a present, it would be so much more.

It will have a home, that I get to build for and with the person I love the most. The home will embody both of us individually and as a unit. It will give us the family that we have always wanted, and the safe space that we will constantly improve and offer to everyone else as a refuge and escape.

It will have security, from things that will hold us back from achieving our dreams; and for us to explore adventures of seeing the world, learning about the many billions of people living in it, and understanding and caring for humanity.

And most importantly, it will have abundance of love. One I will consistently cultivate in my heart, in my soul, in my mind, in my smiles and in everything that I do. And that’s the everyday effort that I have been given the opportunity to make at this moment. My future, you, will flourish with so much love that it has become the entire purpose of it all.

It’s getting sunnier now. It was a bit gloomy earlier this morning. The near future will always make me smile. See, I know you’re near. Keep it warm, okay? Not too hot. I still want to consistently plot more things in you.

Yours Sincerely,

Abby Latif