To Hollow

Dear Hollow,

In many ways, you have been found sacred. Although in definition, you’re a hole, an emptiness. To me, you’re that empty space that seems so light but feels so heavy.

Sometimes I look out of my window and felt how hollow it is this empty space within the universe in front of me, only filled by distance and air. And as much as air has its own molecule (and maybe that’s why I feel the heaviness), but the distant space in front of me feels empty.

And sometimes I feel this in my heart. And it’s crazy because first, I’m sure I don’t have that many airy spaces within my internal organs; and second, this emptiness somehow feeds to my being. As if I needed to feel or be this empty. So I feel you, I feel Hollow, in me.

I learned recently to make sure that most of my experiences, feelings, thoughts to be leaning towards positivity. I want to always smile and embrace everything that is happening to me consciously and subconsciously. But the thing is, you have also become a regular visitor to my being, to my soul. And funnily, I enjoy your company.

I do, enjoy your company. You have always been that emptiness that I cared for. So maybe, you are sacred. I just need to make sure I always smile when you’re around. So sadness doesn’t come follow, you know. Because as much as I respect sadness, it needs to be experienced just by itself. Because associating it with something else could be detrimental to my healing process.

Stay as long as you can but not too long.

For I still want to be full. Of my own self.

Yours Sincerely,

Abby Latif