Sometimes when people who have a job that allows them to clock in 9am and clock out at 6pm and not take work home complains – I sigh.

I think there’s too many complainers in this world than there are doers.


Setuju Tak?

In #UWRF13 , almost every writer talks or relates to poetry at some point. In Malaysia, writers are all about films, TV, novels, journalism.

It’s amazing how NONE OF THE MALAYSIAN MEDIA picked up Malaysian writers featured at #UWRF13 | Are we not good enough for you? *sigh*

I think poets di-anak tiri-kan di dalam bidang penulisan di Malaysia despite how emerging and thriving scene it is. Do you agree?


That moment when you can’t depend on anybody else but yourself.

We live in a world full of privileged kids who thinks they deserve a lot of things and it should be given to them. Including respect.

And they think they are way better than to strive and struggle to earn respect and recognition. The Gen-Ys.

We come from an era where regardless how high our degree is – if we need to make tea for boss or sweep the floor, we’d do it.

Tonight, the cost of my rants will be 50 ringgit. Memang hebat.

En. Isa was a great cabbie to restore back my faith when I touched down KL Sentral. RM 33 from KL Sentral to Selayang, was a good deal.

En. Isa talked about where he met his wife, what his daughter get for her birthday and how priviliged govt servants are these days. At 2am.

After telling him I just got back from a writer festival and I write as a hobby – he asked for my pseudonym just incase he buys my book.

Which I thought was really sweet. Thank you, En. Isa. God bless your heart.

Abby Travels To Bali

Oct 13 – Sunday

Checked in an hour before flight and even after breakfast, all I want to do is nap. That is what has become of me.

Dunno if I’m getting skinned alive but cabfare from Denpasar to Jalan Kajeng, Ubud is Rp.300,000. That’s almost like RM85. Hurm.

Quick Mas Cabbie. I need my kretek feed soon!

Quick! Quick! Veet!!!!

Waze is helping me to make sure cabbie is on the right track.

I saw McDees. Saya lapar. Famished.

Saya mahu makan nasi, Elaine … 😦

Lunch at Ingus.

Roomie practising her poem for tonight’s slam.

Just signed up for the poetry slam tonight at #UWRF13 … A chance I gladly take now that I’m here. And gonna do it in Malay! Jom Elaine!

Did my poem in Malay at the #UWRF13 and so glad people who doesn’t understand it thanked me and told me they like it. :-))

Oct 14 – Monday

Started the day with a house tour by the owner of the HanSnel bungalow, his widow Tante Siti. She was a model back in the 50s.

And so I’m still working despite taking a break that I’m supposed to. Hurm..

“A major part of writing in any form is rhythm.” – Robin de Crespigny at the Big Picture talk in #UWRF13

So many too smart writers at #UWRF13 makes me feel like whatever that I know now is far from being enough. The exposure is good to humble you.

Having said that – I don’t see many M’sian writers here and it’s sad. So near home but we are not allowing ourselves to participate in this.

Gonna walk streets of Ubud alone now. Bliss.

#Jalanan was awesome. I don’t know how Daniel Ziv directs it, whether it’s the least direction or the most – whatever it is, I cried. Bless.

Oct 15 – Tuesday

Baiklah pengikut-pengikutku di Twitter. Selamat Hari Raya padamu. Dah berkorban untuk Sang Pencipta Dewata Raya? Nama-Nya di Batu Bersurat.

And enough of this hijabster jeebuz. Takpe kalau kita bermadah dalam bahasa sendiri. Lebih afdhal jika berkata benda yang kita mengerti.

I learn to love my language even more everytime I step my foot in Indonesia. Bahasa budaya bangsa. Tuhan itu Maha Memahami.

Saya bacakan puisi “Jantung dan Udara” di depan penonton yang tidak memahami Bahasa Melayu di #UWRF13 . Ramai berterima kasih atas keindahan.

Keindahan bahasa dan kemurnian hati itu penting. Usah risau yang tidak memahami. Yang penting isi hati.

Sarapan berharga Rp.71,500. Dalam nilai Ringgit, lebih kurang RM 25. Agak mahal. Kayak sarapan di La Bodega.

Pada hari ini, kata En. Shah, pegawai HR di tempat kerja kedua saya pada 2006 terngiang-ngiang di kepala. “Abby tulis blog. Sungguh indah.”

Final #SeronokUbud lunch with the team! Been a swell time at #UWRF13 .. Planning a tour next year!

Overheard a lady advising her friend not to go to the toilet. Looks like I have to pee in the air.

#notetoself The further your boarding Gate is from the common area, altho is far to reach, the toilet is always cleaner. #airportblues